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Technology Consultancy

Siemlus is sitting as your team's expansion. Work with you to get rid of all the headaches IT and technology can bring. Use our skills and understanding in new, refurbishing or retrofitting projects. From writing tender technical documentation to construction drawings and every step to completion, we can walk you through each phase.

Each project is unique to you, don't be a victim of copy and pasting. Our constant knowledge of the industry ensures future-proofing and fit for purpose technology to meet your business requirements.


Siemlus Connect

Siemlus 'Connect' is our way of hoteliers passing accountability of a problem on-site to someone who can get it resolved smoothly and efficiently. A number, a dashboard, an email address - it's Simple. Siemlus ‘Connect’ is a layer of support that can manage all your technology and IT suppliers under one roof. During the initial setup stage, we also identify where you are vulnerable or are not supported, and Siemlus will fill that gap. Siemlus Connect ensures your property runs 24x7x365 - we match your service.

  • Single point of contact

  • 6Hour SLAs

  • Peace of mind


Managed Services

Customers appreciate Siemlus ' technology delivery strategy and our responsiveness to ensure that issues are addressed. Our facilities that are managed are proliferating. Technical services range from, but not restricted to, WiFi solutions, heat mapping, VoIP via Sip lines, deployments of admin switches, patch management and change control. We even clean up comms rooms. Full IT services such as office365 migrations, remote monitoring, licensing management, server upgrades, disaster recovery, backup management and antivirus management. 24x7x365 Siemlus support. Onsite 6hour SLAs are available.


Project Management

The key to a successful technology and IT project is to break down all the moving parts to its simplest form. From there build it back up methodically. We are specialised in problem-solving at Siemlus, and this is what distinguishes us when it comes to project leadership. To name a few:

  • New builds

  • historic buildings

  • multi site roll outs

Siemlus can assist you and deliver successfully.

Delivering results is in our DNA.


product procurement

Siemlus ships worldwide product and has contracts with some of the world's largest hotel chains. The product range includes RFID door locks, analog and VoIP retro phones, custom-made bathroom volume controls, alarm clocks, RFID room key cards, wireless charging equipment, and much more. Even though we're technology specialists, we've demonstrated that we can do anything.Our goal is to share and for all to enjoy the Siemlus experience with the advantage of saving money and getting what you want!

Cost saving √ Proven √ Reliable √ Worldwide √


Field services

The operating team is made up of skilled and knowledgeable engineers who have worked in thousands of hotel settings around the world. The world's best hotels, some of the worst you could imagine. The difficulties encountered over the last 20 years mean that when it comes to on-the-ground facilities, we are unstoppable. We work directly for hotels and provide white-labelled services to the other UK, European and international vendors. Including electrical contractors and tier-one construction companies.

We help in the 24x7x365 running of hotels and enable suppliers to maintain growth as we continue to deliver their products successfully.